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Fish eat Fish Frenzy.
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Gameplay – 7.5/10 7.5/10.
Replay Value – 9/10 9/10.
Originality – 6.5/10 6.5/10.
7.8/10 3.5 (2 votes).
Responsive Mechanics.
Challenging Gameplay.
Good Replay Value.
Fish eat Fish Frenzy – Fish eat Fish game is a fun and social ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and single player feeding game. Play as tiny fishy keep feeding and eat smaller fish and fish food. Watch as you Grow to become a shark and go on your frenzy feeding journey. Play as single player or jump in to the multiplayer arena and start feeding. Eat other smaller players or run away if they are bigger then you. Drop mines frenzy and lead your enemy to them. Launch hooks to destroy foes that are bigger fish then you. Communicate with every one using smiles. Pick a cool nickname for your self. Complete lots and lots of achievements and collect rewards. Remember to keep feeding on the blue fish food. Run away from bigger fishes that try feeding on you.
So what are you waiting for.
Try it now! New UPDATE added: 7 more type of feeding fish; 3 more type of shark – blue shark , hammer shark and frenzy whale; Online global top score leader board to compete of world feeding domination; a new and huge map to explore; new and beautiful objects from sting jelly fish to huge master crab; added beautiful reefs to avoid enemy and manipulate other players; improved online multiplayer handling, and adjusted all fish and shark speed to a fun speed. Plus a lot more.
So go a head and start feeding.
fun eating feeding munching chasing and growing game.
compete with other fishes online in real time frenzy action.
eat smaller fish, eat fish food.
collect bonuses for extra speed, mines drop, hook shoot and conquer the ocean.
easy controls , tap the screen to move.
3D Graphics , fishes, and surrounding.
super fast multiplayer connection for extra fun and smooth fishy swim.
a lot of achievement to complete, from becoming a shark frenzy and feeding on fishes and players to much much more.
every fish can choose an own unique nickname to stand out in the sea ocean.
use smiles to communicate and show emotions to other players.
Gameplay Video.
Download Fish eat Fish Frenzy.

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