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Let us know if you find any good articles or blog posts about Dudeism that we may have missed.
These haven’t been updated for a while, .

So there have been lots more Dudeist links we need to post

One of these days.
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Lebowskia – A tribute to all things Lebowski Lebowski Podcast – Listen at your leisure

Dudeism in philosophy, .

Religion and literature The Tao Te Ching – Online version of the original Dudeist classic

The Tao Te Ching Audiobook – mellowly-read version for listening to in your bathtub

Works by David Grayson (Ray Stannard Baker) – Free e-texts

The Vegetable Roots Discourse – Taoist/Dudeist/Buddhist Chinese classic Dudeist theorizing Dude University Google Big Lebowski Knol The Tao of the Dude The Big Lebowski Podcast Film Monthly The Dude’s House – A forum dedicated to the Dude Dude Prophesizes – A good theory of the film Another good theory Yet Another Theory Lebowski for Deep Thinkers The Tao of Lebowski Article in Crave Online OffScreen Article Ripsense Idlefoundation The Idler Magazine (UK) Some thoughts on Fandoms Dudes Jeff Bridges’ Website – Except for the wealth and fame and what-have-you, .

The Dude behind The Dude is truly a follower of all things Dudeist

Always has been, apparently.
Those were even his real clothes in the movie.

Jeff Dowd’s Website – The dude upon whom the character of The Dude was dudeified

An actual member of the Seattle Seven and by accounts a true vanguard of Dudeist ideology

He’s also got a blog at the Huffington Post

Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s Site (Smokey) – Not just a real-life pacifist

but a deeply spiritual guy and marvelous musician.
For inspiration , see his “This I Believe” piece on the NPR site.
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Zen, Humanism and much more.

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