Hearthstone Kicking off day two

Where gaming and education converge.

Today marks the last day of our four-day Esports Camp

This was a paid, .

Four full-day camp open to rising 5th – 9th grade students from northwest NC

The response exceeded my expectations.
We had 10 students from our rural region.
Strategic Thinking – Hearthstone We spent a small amount of time talking about the esports industry, , scholarships, etc.
But, kids don’t come to summer camps to listen to grownups talk, so we quickly jumped into our first game,.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play game like Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo

We downloaded via.
Within minutes the room was buzzing with excitement as they learned the basics movements, controls, and even techniques.
Later that day.

Once the Blizzard servers were done with maintenance

we moved into.
Hearthstone Kicking off day two, .

I chatted strategy and mechanics in Hearthstone with them

Of all the games we played during the week, it’s Hearthstone I know best.
Again, less talk from me and more time in the game was important.
Later in the morning, we began exploring Blizzard’s , a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.
It’s also free.
This game was more complex at the onset and they struggled a bit with the game’s challenges.
After lunch we split into five vs.
five matches at which point their enjoyment of the game grew exponentially.
Here, one team consistently dominated the other.
They communicated, made plans, and to some degree, executed them.
The other team struggled to connect to each other in this game.
It was fascinating.

Heroes of the Storm Day three brought and

I’d purchased six copies of Rocket League and set up six district Steam accounts for the game.
While six were learning the fast-paced action in soccer with cars, .

The others were playing Smash Brothers on a student’s Switch connected to the projector

We then rotated everyone through both games.
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