Original Projects and AAA Partnerships

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Original Projects and AAA Partnerships.
This Is What We Do.

We founded Armature to create genre-defining experiences for a global audience

and we approach this in the only way we know how: a commitment to fun, quality and innovation.
Armature makes games we’re proud of and passionate about; everything from Co-op Sandbox Survival games to 3rd Person Action Adventures to MOBAs to Arcade Shooters, VR Puzzlers and more – our versatility allows us to cover ground in every type of genre and production, from the smallest projects to the largest AAA games.
Our success and the success of our games are made possible by the dedication and skill of the people who work here.
We are immensely proud of the games we’ve made, but we know the very best is still yet to come… Port Project to PS4 and Xbox One Fortnite.

Development Partner for Features and UI Publisher: Epic Games Xbox One

PS4, PC and Mac Check It Out Sports Scramble.

Original IP Created and Developed by Armature for the Oculus Quest Oculus Quest

RIFT, RIFT S Check It Out Duck Game.
Port Project to the Nintendo Switch Publisher: Adult Swim Games Nintendo Switch Check It Out Recore.
Original IP Created and Co-Developed by Armature with Microsoft and Comcept Publisher: Microsoft Xbox One and PC Check It Out Dead Star.
Original IP Created and Developed by Armature Publisher: Sony PS4 and Steam Check It Out Batman Arkham Origins/Blackgate.
Developed by Armature Publisher: WBIE 3DS and PS Vita Check It Out Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Port Project of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Publisher: 2K Xbox One

PS4 Check It Out Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Port Project to the PS Vita Publisher: WBIE PS Vita Check It Out MGS HD Collection: Vita.
Port Project to the PS Vita Publisher: Konami PS Vita Check It Out Unfinished Swan.

Port Project to the PS4 Publisher: Sony PS4

PS Vita Check It Out.

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