Using Semios for Requirements Verification day after day

Automated software requirements proof-reader.
Catch development issues at the earliest stage possible with Semios by focusing on your requirements definitions Semios for Requirements automatically analyzes your technical requirements documents, going further than simple keyword analysis, by offering a contextual and semantic analysis Fully compliant to the industrial standardsARP4754A.
DO-178B, DO-178C.
IEC 61508.
Automotive SPICE.
ISO 26262.
Built-in rules are provided for the following common requirements specification defects:Fuzzy terms.
Too many co-ordinating conjunction s.
Too many negatives.
Passive voice.
Expressions to avoid.
Requirements without ‘shall’.
Multiple requirements per statement.
Control of the rational.
Conformity of the structure of sentences.
Too long requirement s.
Use of unspecified terms.
Integrated into your tool-chain.
Semios is provided as an add-in for common requirements documentation tools making it quickly comfortable and familiar to use.
Easy to use.
Integrated to behave similar to a  spellchecker.
The add-on is integrated into your tools and customised by your team.
It requires only a single click to use.
Self improvement .
Using Semios for Requirements Verification day after day, your teams will learn what makes a good requirement.
The more they use it, the more they will improve their skills at writing well-structured, complete, precise and, above all, testable requirements.

For more details and product documentation visit the Semios website

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